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Throughout the past 4 years at Southeast Career Technical Academy, I have learned a wide range of skills and valuable information to help me in the real world. Being a student in the Architectural Design program has been a great learning experience and has given me a better understanding of what I would like to do with my future. For my capstone, I have designed a VIP private airport terminal.

Architectural Design Student


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I am currently a senior at Southeast Tech. I major in Architecture and plan to go to UNLV for Architecture. I love to read and travel.

Architectural Design Student


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Hello! My name is Evanna Gamboa and I’ve been a student at Southeast Career Technical Academy located in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 4 years studying Architectural Design. Being in this major has taught me so much about this industry and what it has to offer. Not only did it provide me with architectural skills, it has taught me life skills I will have forever. I’ve participated in many group and individual projects that allowed me to express my creativity through my work. This program has offered me many amazing opportunities. One of those opportunities being an Internship with McCarthy Building Company at the construction of Circa Resort & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. I’ll be attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas this upcoming fall, majoring in Construction Management. I’m looking forward to everything life has to offer me!

Architectural Design Student


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My senior capstone is to make houses for a small neighborhood. This house is targeted to the low-income families that aren’t making that much money and a place where they can at least start to improve their income.

Architectural Design Student


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These last 4 years at Southeast Career Technical Academy have been a great learning experience as well as a great stepping stone to the real world. I am so glad to have been in Architectural Design because of all the opportunities I was introduced to.

Architectural Design Student


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SECTA Architecture Senior that has loved her experience in high school and feeling prepared for the future.

Architectural Design Student


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Architectural design student at Southeast Career Technical Academy

Architectural Design Student


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All my life I have always been around the world of construction and different trades in the industry. My passion for design and the mechanics of objects, buildings and other things led me to choose my major at SECTA. I currently am interning at Helix Electric in the Design Build department working alongside electrical engineers and project managers getting a glimpse into this side of the industry. Although I want to be an architect and be able to bring my designs to life, I am unsure what path I will take in the industry. The only thing I am sure of is that I will become successful and achieve my goals

Architectural Design Student


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Excellent in Revit, Autocad, group projects and is interested in becoming a full service Real Estate Developer.  Bilingual and talented soccer player.

Architectural Design Student


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Revit and Autocad combined with photoshop and creativity.  Most likely to help develop a Cirque set.  Great at combining the normal with the different.  Extremely talented.

Architectural Design Student


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A talented sketch artist who also excels at Revit and Autocad.  With a skill for graphic design. Prefers to be with a trusted group.

Architectural Design Student


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Extremely talented in mechanics, mariachi and math.  Fluid in Revit and Autocad.  Mechanical Engineering combined with extreme Mariachi skills!

Architectural Design Student


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Talented, driven, excellent in Autocad and Revit. Natural architectural mindset that works well in group settings.  Silver medal in 2018 NV SkillsUSA, Winner in AIA Las Vegas High School competition.  Enjoys volleyball and baseball.

Architectural Design Student


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Hard working natural learner.  Revit and Autocad are natural skills.  Great at team projects, good humor, loves to enjoy what he is working on. Enjoys Soccer.

Architectural Design Student


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Sports Centric Designer. Revit and Autocad allow him to design sports facilities.  Baseball and sports are daily focuses.

Architectural Design Student


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Mathematics, sketching, drawing, painting, Autocad, Revit, martial arts are all natural skill sets. Winner of Silver(2017) and Gold (2018) medals in Related Technical Math. Placed 11th in the Nation at the SkillsUSA National Competition in Louisville KY, 2018.  

Architectural Design Student


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Combine music and math along with excellent Autocad and Revit skills.  Mechanical engineering is in the future that will always include music.  Senior capstone was 3d printing and laser cutting the Hurdy Gurdy you see here.  Hopefully it will be finished by the end of school year.

Architectural Design Student


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Talented Revit, Autocad and Photoshop designer.  Excellent color and materials coordinator leading naturally to an Interior Design Architect in the future.

Architectural Design Student


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Excellent focus and drive combine into excellent Revit and Autocad Skills.  When a goal is set the march is methodical and thorough.  Talent and hardwork combine in a talent that will truly achieve what is set out as a goal.

Architectural Design Student


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Marching to his own beat with goals to use Autocad and Revit skills in the military.  Extremely hardworking and a team player.  Always adding assets to a team.

Architectural Design Student


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