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Hey there! My name is George Mansur and I am a senior majoring in 3D Animation for Film and Game Development! My professions are frame-by-frame animation, traditional and digital conceptual character design and worldbuilding, basic mastery over the coding language, C#, and modeling characters inside a 3D space using the program, 3DS Max. After graduation, I am aiming to bolster my learning by attending Nevada State College

Animation/ Game Design


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Hello, I’m Jevis, and I’m a senior at Southeast Career Technical Academy. I’ve taken this dual major for 4 years and if there’s one thing I’m certain about, it’s that being here made me learn a bit about everything. Things like the principles of animation, the basics of coding, how to make a compelling story, creating assets, and so on. My favorite part of the process would probably be scriptwriting, as I find writing simultaneously fun and challenging. 


Animation/ Game Design


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I’m Kenneth Heck and I am part of the 3D Animation and Game Design Major of Southeast Career Technical Academy I am familiar with digital forms and creating art such as photoshop and 3DS Max. I specialize in 3D character modeling as well as rigging 3D characters

Animation/ Game Design


Littlefield, Brenden.jpg

So a little bit about me. For about the last four years I’ve been learning hour to use 3DS Max to model things, and rig and animate characters and at the end of those four years, I’d say that animating and rigging are my best attributes.

Animation/ Game Design


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Hey, I’m Drayton, a Digital Game Development and Animation Major at SouthEast Tech. I’ve been focusing on 3D Modeling for the majority of my major. I hope to attend RIT in the future in the 3D Digital Design course. My interests include nature, drawing, studying history, video games, and music

Animation/ Game Design


Lecky, Daniel.jpg

Hello, my name is Daniel Lecky; I have been at SECTA for 4 years and now i’m about to graduate. I major in animation and i’m really good at it. During my 4 years at SECTA, I learned how to model, 2d animate, 3d animate, draw more realistically, and other stuff as well like financing and filming.Besides drawing, modeling and animating, i’m also good at cooking and making my own costumes. I want to get into the animation business as an adult.

Animation/ Game Design


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Hi, my name is Gabreal Chinn, and after 4 great years of Animation and Game Development, I’ve learned a plethora of skills. For me, it seems like a lot, but in the grand scheme of the field, I’ve barely scraped the surface! This major has ignited my love for animation and game development, and taught me to use programs such as Unity and 3DS Max. In the future, I plan to work for a game company or even just use my skills and be a freelance game maker.

Animation/ Game Design


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My name is Derick Gonzalez and I’m a 3D animation and game design student. I have learned a lot during the capstone period we had. I learned a lot from modeling bosses for our video game to making animations and putting in our game

Animation/ Game Design


Amado Juarez, Abraham.jpg

Hello my name is Abraham Amado Juarez, I'm 17 years old and a part of Game Design and Animation. I learned lots of things throughout this major and also made a lot of memories. I learned how to make animations and models. I would say I progressed fairly well and improved drastically while working on my capstone and project. Lastly I learned to always make my deadlines and work hard which will not only help me in my major but also in my future.  

Animation/ Game Design


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Hello, my name is Taylor Hahn and I am a senior in the 3D Animation and Game Design Major. These past couple years of learning 3D Animation has been eye opening to the amount of dedication and patience this job field requires from people. During the course of our major I focused more on the art aspect and honed in more on creating assets, textures, and other effects to make games look more visually appealing. A few of my interests are drawing and gardening.

Animation/ Game Design


McDonald-Hernandez, Daniel.jpg

Throughout my time at Secta, not only did I learn a lot education wise, but I also learned valuable life lessons such as how to work in teams and become a leader. This was mainly due to my teachers and peers as a whole. Aside from this, I learned a lot about producing a game and animating figures that we made ourselves. My team and I worked hard and long to produce a capstone that was worth presenting. Even though it was flawed in some stages, we put the best of our abilities together to come together and make our game. I mainly gave my expertise in sections such as Sound effects and Level design along with a couple textures to put on our buildings around the map. I am personally proud of our capstone and think it was the best work I provided throughout my 3 years of Animation and Game Development. Although I am sad it has come to an end, I know that a lot more can be done in the future and with what I have been taught, I can continue to do what I love.

Animation/ Game Design


Nguyen, Michael.jpg

Hello my name is Michael, and I am a senior at Southeast Career Technical Academy. My major is Game Design/Animation and I have been doing it for 4 years now. It has been an awesome experience as I got to learn how to code and animate. Learning to use Unity, 3ds max, and photoshop.

Animation/ Game Design


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My name is Kobe Patterson and I’m a part of the 3D Animation and Game Design program at Secta. I specialize in animation and character rigging. I’ve mainly worked in 3DS Max and Photoshop, but am familiar with a lot of other programs as well.

Animation/ Game Design


Valdivia-Otero, Diego.jpg

Through the four years that I have spent at SECTA, I’ve learned everything that it takes in order to animate and create fully-functional games. I have created games from scratch on the Unity engine, used photoshop to create original characters, and learned to craft worlds in a three-dimensional space. Senior year, all of us dual-majoring in game design and animation get in teams to create an entire game from the ground-up in the timespan of half a year. When creating our capstone, I chose to specialize in animation and art. I’ve created sprites and animated cutscenes for our game, “Slime Slingshot”. Now that I’m going to graduate, I plan on going to UNLV and majoring in psychology. After my bachelors, I want to go to medical school in order to get a PhD in psychiatry. All the while, I plan on working in order to fund my degree. Whether it be working in the gaming industry, the movie industry, or even in architecture, I want to create something that people can enjoy.

Animation/ Game Design


Sanchez, Jocelyn.jpg

My name is Jocelyn Sanchez and I am a concept and freelance artist. I also have 3d modeling, rigging, and animation exprerence. I have been an artist since 2014 and have been striving to keep improving my art. I hope to go to Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida to major in Visual Studies. I personally specialize in drawing non human creatures but have been learning to hone my human anatomy as to be able to create pieces for the broader media.

Animation/ Game Design