Hello! My name is Mia and I am 17 years old. I'm an aspiring high school photography student. I have been doing photography for 4 years now. I plan to attend the University of Reno, Nevada in the fall to study Criminal Justice with a minor in Photography. A few of my interests include traveling, writing, and taking pictures. I'd love to work with you! Feel free to contact me!

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Hi, my name is Lauren Brown and I am a senior in the photography major here at Southeast Tech. My portrait work focuses on a softened style of urban photography. Creatively, I mix light and dark with soft and hard and utilize different textures and colors to piece together a portrait that contains a little bit of everything. Some interesting facts about me are that I love to write and I find solace in listening to music in my free time.

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Hello! My name is Payton Clancy and I am a photographer at Southeast Tech. I would classify my style as nature oriented with dramatic effects, especially for portraits. For creative work, I create drama to grab the eye of the viewer and to bring the pieces’s idea to life. For a little bit about me, I grew up in Las Vegas and play piano in my free time. I am also a huge movie buff, so I see movies often with my family. 




My name is Nancy De Santiago and I am  an upcoming photographer that has been studying the arts for almost  four years now. My style of photography is simple and bright, but sometimes I  get creative with my photos and use different techniques. One of my accomplishment is winning the scholastic Art and writing Gold key award for one of my studio  photo. I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada which has some big casinos. Lastly some interesting facts about me is that I love avocados and my dog Armani.




Hi, my name is Daniela Deniz. I’ve been a photo major for 4 years. This journey has been difficult, but I’ve managed to get through it. Apart from photography, I like to sing, write, and draw. I chose photography as my major when applying to SECTA because I thought I would have more creative control compared to other majors. I like to take portrait, landscape, and food photography. Portrait photography is my favorite type of photography. It can be interpreted in so many different ways. No photographer thinks or takes shots exactly the same.

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My name is Camille Deveza. I am seventeen years old and I am a senior in high school. I have been in the photography major at Southeast Tech for four years now. I have acquired skills in photography styles of different kinds in these past years and I would say that portrait photography is my focus.

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Mariano is a young and ambitious photographer who started his journey in 2016. Mariano has dedicated his time and energy into perfecting his craft through trial and error. He has spent numerous hours learning and practicing new shooting, editing, and lighting techniques. Mariano looks forward to capturing the unique beauty of each individual within his photos. As he continues his journey he hopes to not only grow as a photographer, but to also grow as an individual.

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I’m Noelia Hidalgo, and ready to take your pictures! Being a photo major for 4 years now has taught me new ways to edit, composite, and be creative.

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My name is Ryan Miranda and I am a Las Vegas based photographer who has been working for 4 years on developing my own style. I love working on artistic portraits, playing with monotone colors. I have been in school for 4 years around photography working on different projects around portraits and editing softwares. I know how to set up proper studio lighting and how to deal with natural lighting. I have won 3 awards with in my years of working, all for different contests over the past few years.

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I’m Rianna Naval, and ready to take your pictures! My interest is taking photographs outside where one could be themselves, while I capture their best moments. Being a photo major for about four years, I have learned new ways to edit, composite, and be creative. I look forward to collaborating with others and furthering my photography career as I go.

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I try my best to create the best work I possibly can. I am my biggest critic when it comes to producing my artwork in any form, especially photography. I have been in photography for 4 years now and I do believe I have made some progress but I still have a lot to improve and learn about. As for my personal life, I am a dog lover and I work 2 jobs which include being a hostess and a lifeguard. Additionally, I participate in Track and Field for my home school. I enjoy concert  I will be furthering my education to become an engineer and use that as my starting point in life. Although, in these past 4 years I have learned to love photography and I want to improve my skills to start freelance photography and see where that might take me. I am an open minded person who loves experiencing the crazy things life throws at me, so I am looking forward to my future, past high school.




I am a student photographer born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I have studied photography for 4 years at Southeast Tech. I have many passions, but my biggest one is photography. I have done many photo collabs including creative portrait and product photography. I plan to improve my work and become greater at what I do.

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Hello, my name is Kailyn Paige-Martinez, I major in photography at Southeast Career and Technical Academy. I take portraits as well as pictures of nature. I started off taking photographs of nature prominently.




My name is Avy Pinensky and I am 18 years old located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some things I enjoy doing is painting, reading, and traveling, but photography is by far my favorite. Throughout the four years that I have attended the photography program at Southeast Tech, I have learned many skills and techniques that I will bring with me into my future career as a photographer. I prefer to put my focus on portraits as I love to make the people modeling for me feel as comfortable and beautiful within themselves as I can. Two of my accomplishments have been winning first place in the Cashman Portrait Contest 2019 and receiving an award in the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest 2019.




My name is Alondra Rojas, I am a 17 year old photographer living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I specialize in taking casual portraits. My favorite part of photography is editing the photos I take. What I love about photography is that it has no restrictions and you can create anything if executed properly. Some of my hobbies include reading, music, and watching anime.  




Hi there! I’m Jessi Santiago and I have a bubbly, cheerful, and outgoing personality. I love taking environmental portraits and I dabble in fashion based photography. In my work, I try my best to pick a location that resonates with the model. Making sure that the model is always comfortable throughout the shoot is one of my top priorities. When posing a model I traditionally start off by directing and giving suggestions, but generally I let the model pose freely. This usually creates a more comfortable atmosphere which helps capture a more authentic feel to the photo.

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My name is Julia Stewart and I am a Las Vegas-based photographer. I am completing my four year photography course at Southeast Career and Technical Academy, where I am perfecting my skills and using editing programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop to create my pieces. I prefer to shoot in black and white, as it is a style that I have worked hard to master. I have won multiple awards for my work, both portraits and landscapes and I plan on winning many more. I am a great people person and am willing to take input on my photos while also putting my own spin on them so the final product in a masterpiece.




Hi, I’m Samantha Turner! I like traveling, cooking, but most importantly, taking photos. Some of my favorite places I've traveled to have been Costa Rica, New York City, and San Francisco. I love taking photos of different city scenes and architecture and portraits.