Campus Security Updates

This is a closed campus, students are not allowed to leave for lunch. Parents are only allowed to drop off lunch money, not food.

Students riding the bus must be on the bus they are registered for by 1:36pm. Buses will not stop once the 1st bus is in motion to let late students on. You are only allowed to ride the bus you are registered for, students are not permitted to ride home with friends if they are not registered for that bus.

All students who drive to school must register your vehicle with Campus Security in order to park on Campus. Students are only allowed to park in the student parking lot or the reserved spaces for Seniors that can be purchased through Mr. Stuber, no where else! The last day to register your vehicle will be 8/25/2017. You must have the current school years parking permit in order to park on campus. For any questions see Jim and Liz.

Students parking on campus are only allowed to park in the designated areas specified on the green card you signed when registering to park on campus. If you are not registered you can not park on campus, even after school.

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