Picture Retakes

Photo retake day for grades 9-11 (and for staff who have not taken their photo) will be October 19th. Please release students to the upper gym at their scheduled time. Please read the notes below to know who to send and when to send them.

Please share the following information with your students:

Grades 9-11 Picture Retakes

Date: Friday, October 19th

Location: UPPER GYM

Time: 7:00 - 11th Grade

8:00 - 10th Grade

9:00 - 9th Grade

The following students will be photographed:

  • Students who have not yet been photographed (ID cards will be printed)

  • Students who are returning their packages for a new photo (no new ID card)

  • Students that have an order envelope -- Picture order forms are available in the 9th grade office.

Notes from the studio:

If a student has forgotten their package or envelope, we would prefer to take their photo while we are there. We will figure it out on the back end.

If a student never received their photo package but needs retakes, we will still take their photo. They may need to call Dorian at 800.826.3535 to make sure their order was data entered.

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