Hispanic Heritage Month Activities


MONDAY- FRIDAY- Trivia! Find the question below and submit them to Career Center

TUESDAY- Both lunches Hispanic music!

WEDNESDAY- 2 performances during both lunches

THURSDAY- Both lunches dress in your culture. Hats are allowed, and El Grito competition. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

Trivia Questions for Each Day!


He is a 45 year old Mexican American, an actor and entertainer who hosts the show Extra. He played AC Slater in the show saved by the bell. Know who he is?


Born in Miami, Florida this Cuban American rapper, songwriter, producer, known for always saying, "Dale a lot," is also called "Mr. 305." He helped build Sports Leadership and Management Academy (SLAM) in Little Havana, Florida and one in Las Vegas.


Born in Honolulu, HI Puerto Rican American singer, song writer, producer, dancer, in genres of pop, funk, hip hop R&B, reggae, rock started in the entertainment business as an Elvis impersonator!


Born in Albuquerque, NM this Mexican American singer, songwriter, actress began her career on the kids TV show "Barney and Friends in 2002, then on Disney channel movie, "Camp Rock". Her mother was a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and also a country singer. Nicknamed "MC D LOVE" she also plays guitar and piano.

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