Summer School Information

Summer School 2020

All Summer School classes this year will be online only. The cost will be $70 per class. There are two options listed below. Once you decide which option you prefer, you must email your counselor to sign up.

Option 1---Summer school through Nevada Learning Academy (NVLA). NVLA uses the Canvas learning platform. This program requires internet, a device (I would not suggest a phone) and a webcam to take your final exam. The flyer for course offerings is attached. You can take classes for original credit or credit retrieval. You cannot take any honors class at NVLA for original credit. (You can retake an honors class to replace a B, C, D, or F grade) Classes run from June 1-July 9. We are asking that you request classes through your counselor by Friday, May 22. Payment can be made online only. You must pay for classes by May 31. Recommended maximum number of courses to take is 2. Option 2--Summer school through CCSD. This program uses the APEX learning platform. This option is for credit retrieval only, meaning you can only retake classes that you have previously failed. The cost is also $70, with a maximum of 2 classes allowed. Classes run from June 1-July 10. PE, Health, and Government are not offered through this method. Once your counselor signs you up for summer classes, a follow up email will be sent to you from your summer school site with the next steps in the process. Procedural questions do not go to your counselor. Remember, all classes are $70 per course with a 4.95 processing fee, and all payments are made online only. There are no refunds. You must remain active in working on your courses for attendance purposes. When requesting a class or classes, please email your counselor the following: 1. What class or classes are you requesting. 2. Which option, NVLA or CCSD Apex 3. What course do you want in next year's schedule to replace your summer class. (example, senior taking government would want an open period?, or another elective? etc) Nursing Majors--Email Ms. White ( Architecture, Auto, and Construction--Email Mr. Herrick ( IT, Graphic Design, and Animation--Email Ms. Clavel ( Photo and Cosmetology--Email Ms. Payan ( Education, Culinary, Sports Med--Email Ms. Harris (

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