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The student dress code at Southeast TECH is in place so that students represent themselves to college and workplace recruiters in a professional manner that allows for access to the highest opportunities of high skilled work and affordable college. We have employers, college representatives, and military recruiters on site weekly interested in working with our students. Our dress code is enforced because we expect each student's appearance to accurately represent their amazing talent.

Students’ dress, personal appearance and conduct are expected to be of such character as to not disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school. Any style that tends to diminish instructional effectiveness or discipline control by teachers, or which is a potential safety hazard, is not acceptable.

The Southeast TECH school dress expectations are in accordance with CCSD Regulation 5131, and stipulates the following for all genders:

  1. All clothing must be sufficient to conceal any and all undergarments.

  2. No skin should show between the bottom of shirt and top of pants/shorts/skirts. (Prohibited tops include, but are not limited to, excessively cropped tops, spaghetti strapped tops, strapless tops, racerback tops, and/or outfits that provide minimum coverage.)

  3. All clothing bottoms must fingertip length on all sides. Including holes/tears in jean bottoms.

  4. All bottoms should be secured at waist level.

  5. Headgear is not permitted on campus at any time, indoors or outdoors (i.e. hats, beanies, bandanas, hair grooming aids, etc.). Headgear for designated school approved uniforms, special events, authorized athletic practices, documented medical conditions, bona fide religious or cultural reasons, or CCSD/school sanctioned activities may be permitted by administration.

  6. All shoes must have hard soles.

  7. Pajamas, attire that is meant to be worn for sleep, or clothing items that administration is deemed to look like pajamas, is not permitted.

  8. Slogans or advertising on clothing, jewelry, buttons, or accessories that promote a controversial, discriminatory, profane, and/or obscene nature and disrupt the educational setting are prohibited.

  9. Any clothing, jewelry, buttons, and/or accessories that promote illegal or violent conduct, or are thought to be affiliated with groups that promote illegal or violent conduct are prohibited (including, but not limited to, the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, drug paraphernalia, or clothing that contains threats).

Any student in violation of these stipulations, will be referred to the administration and will be asked to change into alternate clothing, in order to return to class.

The school administration shall have the right to designate what types of dress, fashion, fads, or appearance disrupt or detract from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard. The principal shall retain the authority to grant exceptions for spirit days, special event dress days, and school-wide free dress days. On those CCSD/school sanctioned exception days, Southeast TECH will notify the students and parents/guardians of the unique dress provisions. In addition, notifications of dress code changes occurring during the school year shall be sent promptly to parents.


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