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These students took the National Spanish Exam,, a test that was given Nation Wide. This is ,how they score in the nation.

Geraldine Guarneros Honorable Mention

Amaya Gonzalez Bronze

Gisell Sanchez Bronze

Annthonny Pena Bronze

Melody Velazquez Bronze

Gabriela Bazan-Zuniga Bronze

Magally Zacarias Bronze

Shaila Hernandez-Arreguin Silver

Marisol Aguilar Silver

Sofia Osborne Gold

Diana Blanco Gold

Jason Moran Honorable Mention

Esmeralda Carrillo Honorable Mention

Rosalynne Avila Silver

Leanne Vallecillo Silver

Raul Rodriguez Feris Silver

Alexa Sackmaster Honorable mention

Job Buenrostro-Diaz Honorable Mention

Valeria Paniagua Honorable Mention

Bryan Romero Garcia Bronze

Gema Mora-Aguirre Bronze

Ionel Vazquez Ramos Gold

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