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Nest Reminders!


I would like to remind you of a few of the expectations while you utilize the Nest. First, there are classes that are held adjacent to the Nest, so it is imperative that you respect their needs regarding your volume upon entering and exiting. Second, while food is currently allowed in the Nest, there have been recent incidents in which messes of trash have been left on furniture and spilled liquids have been left sitting on tables. If these messes continue, we will not be able to allow food and drink in the Nest, so please remember to look around your area when leaving and help us keep this space clean. Finally, while in the Nest, you are still expected to respect each other and the Tech community as a whole. Please be mindful of your language and your interactions with each other. The Nest needs to remain a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome, but there has been an uptick in language and behavior that is working against that ideal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak with me.

Thank you,

-Mr. Keith


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