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Sophomore Class News and Information – As of April 2017

The third quarter has come to an end, and we are in the final stretch of the school year. The 4th quarter will go by quickly, so it is very important to stay on top of your assignments, especially as the weather gets warmer. Students will finish the school year on Thursday, June 8, 2017. (Seniors will graduate on June 8 at 6 p.m. at the Orleans Arena.)


Please continue to take advantage of tutoring opportunities for math and science,
as well as National Honor Society tutoring as needed. 

Pre-registration has been completed and all yellow pre-registration forms, as well as, all Honors/AP/College course agreement forms should be signed by parent/guardian and returned to Mr. Herrick. Please return all forms ASAP if you have not yet done so. Students without a signed Honors/AP/College agreement form will be removed from those course selections in August if the form as not been returned.

All sophomores currently enrolled in AP World History will take the AP World History exam on Thursday, May 11 at 8 a.m. All AP exams will be free to all students at the Southeast Career Technical Academy.

Summer school sign-ups will begin in May with Mr. Herrick. Summer school will run from June 13-June 30 for semester one courses and July 5-July 24 for semester two courses. The cost for summer school will be $105 per course. Green Valley High School and Valley High School will be the two closest schools to the Southeast Career Technical Academy. (There are others around town available as well.) Summer school flyers will be available after spring break. Please email or call me with any questions or concerns at (702) 799-7500, ext. 4301.

Thank you,

Mr. Brian McAllister, 10th Grade Administrator
Mr. Todd Herrick, 10th Grade Counselor


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