As part of the reorganization of the Clark County School District, our school will be forming a School Organizational Team that will include parents, staff members, and one Southeast Tech student. Use the links below to learn more about the School Organization Team. This will assist you in better understanding the components of AB394.

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AB 394 Parent Voting Information for School Organizational Team

As part of the reorganization of the Clark County School District, our school will be forming our second AB394 School Organizational Team that will include parents, staff members, and one SE Tech student. We will be selecting 3 parents that will be on the team and will be elected by a vote of all the parents here at school if the number interested exceeds that amount. Your input is important to the success of our school and to the students. The role of the parent on the School Organizational Team will be to provide input on the school performance plan, school budget, and to help make suggestions with the whole school in mind, particularly if there is a vacancy for principal.

If you are interested in serving as a parent member for the team, please click on the link below and fill in the following information: your name, grade of your student, and one paragraph describing why you would like to serve on the team. What you write will be shared online with the entire school community who will have a chance to vote for three parent members. If only three, or less than three parents choose to run for a position, then those who did apply will automatically be selected to represent the parent community.

SCHOOL STAFF: Elections will be conduct by the union associated with your professional organization. CCEA will conduct the teacher election online. Please check the union website for further details.

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