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Mr. Johnson's Classroom

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About Mr. Johnson

Hey guys! What IS up? I'm Mr. Johnson, and this is a little about me. I grew up in Vegas (Bob Miller and Coronado if you must know). The Galleria Mall was my jam, and we would frisbee it up at Sunset park often. I graduated from college at UNR with four degrees because, like Micheal Scott, I am all about that paper. I have taught 25 different subjects over the last 8 years.... it was exhausting. History, Government, English, Video, STUCO, and of course Photo and Yearbook to name a few! Honestly I would teach farming if it meant that I could hangout with all of you! As you can see my wife is super super beautiful and I have no idea how that happened... good karma maybe. Most of my days are hanging out with my dog Rue and cat Pierre, if not on an adventure. I love to travel and take epic pictures so I can flex on all my students. I am excited you are here and excited for this amazing year!

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