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Mr. Moore's Classroom

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About Mr. Moore

Initially I "got into" teaching with the goal of doing it for three years. Twenty one years later, nothing else better has appeared in terms of a career. I enjoy working with teenagers for many reasons. It is so neat to see kids when they first walk into my classes at the beginning of a school year and look at their growth and progression when they leave in May. Kids keep me in tune with what is going on in the world and with what is new and cool and, I daresay, keep me young. Most importantly, working with kids is a continuous learning experience that allows me to better myself and become my best me.

I am a husband for 15 years and have an almost two year old son named Ronan. My little family is amazing and we constantly challenge each other in a multitude of ways, all involving humor and laughter. I am a lover of all things coffee, minus coffee flavored energy drinks. These are living oxymorons and I am baffled by them. I am also an endurance athlete; in my "other life" I race ultra-distance mountain bike events. Self-imposed suffering for 100 miles can teach one a lot about themselves. Before my love for cycling took over, I spent close to 20 years traveling the globe rock climbing.

I am excited to learn from you all and hopefully teach everyone a little about self expression, logic, and the written word. These are some strange times for sure, but life is "either a daring adventure or it is nothing." (Hellen Keller)

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