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Southeast Tech Recruitment and Admissions 

will be closed June and July 2022

If you need assistance with registering your student, please contact the main office




The on-time application for the 2022-2023 school year will be released on September 13th and will end on January 11th at 3pm. The application will be available at: On-time applications will be processed first, before moving on to late applications which will be collected after the January 11th deadline. Late applicants will only be contacted if they have been selected for a vacant seat in the late application lottery. 


Applicants may choose up to 3 different Magnet/CTA schools/programs and place them in 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice order. Only online applications are accepted. Once submitted online, an email confirmation will be sent. If changes need to be made to the application after submission, the applicant will be able to do so by logging back into the application database. 


Parents of interested students must submit an application online by the designated application deadline. If there are more applications than there are seats available, a computerized random lottery will be used to select students. 

High school magnet programs are designated as either interest-based or STEM-based. All STEM-based programs require students to qualify for the program before entering the lottery for admission. Southeast Tech’s programs are broken down below as either interest-based or STEM-based. 

Interest-based Programs

Automotive Service Technology


Culinary Arts



Teaching & Training

STEM-based Programs

Architectural Design

Cybersecurity & IT-Networking

Digital Game Development & Animation

Medical Professions

Sports Medicine

First semester Grade Point Average (GPA)


Criteria                                    Points Assigned

3.50 and above                                  8

3.00 - 3.49                                            6

2.50 - 2.99                                            4

2.00 - 2.49                                            2

Below 1.99                                            0

First Semester Science Grade


Criteria                                    Points Assigned

A in Science 8                                     6

B in Science 8                                     4

C in Science 8                                     2

D/F in Science 8                                  0

First Semester Mathematics Grade


Criteria                                   Points Assigned

A in Pre-Algebra or above                6

B in Pre-Algebra or above                4

C in Pre-Algebra or above               2

D/F in Pre-Algebra or above            0

First Semester English Grade


Criteria                                   Points Assigned

A in English 8                                     6

B in English 8                                     4

C in English 8                                     2

D/F in English 8                                 0

Total Points:  26

Qualification for STEM programs:  16 or above

Report cards will be used from the student’s first semester of the 2021-2022 school year. No report cards are required if the student has applied to only interest-based programs. CCSD students do not need to submit a report card as report cards will be uploaded directly from Infinite Campus.

Any applicant who currently attends a charter, private or other non-CCSD school must submit a copy of their 2021 first trimester or first semester report card by the application deadline, January 11th at 3 p.m. Qualification information was updated in August 2019 in the Magnet Office of CCSD. 


 **Please be aware of Southeast Tech’s transportation boundaries. Transportation WILL NOT be provided to students who live outside the transportation zone.


Students are selected for enrollment at Southeast Tech through a computerized, random selection process (the “lottery”). Results of the lottery will be made available in the online application portal. 

Lottery outcomes:

  • Not qualified (Student did not qualify to go through the lottery process)

  • Selected (Student was selected and must now decide if he/she wishes to accept the seat)

  • Alternate pool (Student qualified and is now waiting for a vacancy as other students are going through the acceptance process and seats become available)


After selection, the applicant must accept the seat for which he/she has been selected. Any applicants not selected during this initial lottery are placed into an alternate pool. Should a student choose not to attend after being selected for a Magnet/CTA seat, the vacant seat will be assigned to a student in the alternate pool, through a computerized, random selection prior to the end of the second week of each school year.


For more information about the selection process and preferences given to applications, please visit


Transportation is only given to students within the transportation zone. It is important that students/parents check the transportation site  to see if the home address is located within the boundaries.

Students who live outside of the transportation zone can still attend Southeast Tech but must provide their own transportation to campus. If you have further questions regarding transportation, please direct them to the CCSD Transportation Department at 702-799-8111.

Need More Information?

Mr. Jared Baca

Recruitment & Admissions 

Thank you for your interest in Southeast Tech! 


Southeast Tech Recruitment and Admissions 

will be closed June and July 2022

If you need assistance with registering your student, please contact the main office

If you were selected from the Alternate Pool,  please look for an email with further instructions


TUESDAY - AUG 2 - 2022

Welcome to Class of 2026

Come by during your time to pick up your schedule, tour the campus, checkout a chromebook, pay class fees  and check out our clubs and sports.

Session 1:   8-10AM

Cosmo, Culinary, Multimedia, Education, Sports Med.

Session 2:   10-12 Noon

Auto, Medical Professions, Architecture, Construction, Cybersecurity, Digital Game Design 

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