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Thank you for your interest in SECTA.  Currently, all seats for the 2024-2025 school year have been filled.   Alternate pool lotteries will only run if a seat becomes available.  


Late applications can be submitted now at   Please be aware, we will only use late applications if the alternate pool of On-time applications runs out.



Southeast Career Technical Academy (SECTA) is a four-year  high school and Career Technical Academy.  In addition to students earning their High School Diploma, they will be trained in one of twelve majors.  Students can learn career fields, gain hands-on experience, earn industry certifications, and college credits.  Enrollment is through an application and lottery process.  We accept incoming 9th and 10th graders. Please see qualifications below for more information.  

Applications are completed through the CCSD Magnet Office.  See below for more details. SECTA offers 12 majors: Advanced Manufacturing, Architecture, Automotive, Construction, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Cybersecurity, Digital Game Design, Medical Professions, Multimedia, Sports Medicine, and Teaching & Training.  Learn more about our majors at

Originally opened in 1966 as Southern Nevada Vocational Technical Center, or VoTech High School, we were the first vocational school in southern Nevada and continue today to lead in Career Technical Education.

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SECTA students are expected to go above and beyond.  We ask our students to put in 100% to earn their high school diploma, and give 100% to learning in their major.  SECTA offers a range of academic courses to help achieve students’ goals including Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Credit courses.  CTE College Credit is available for successful completion of the major. Every student will be on track to earn a College & Career Readiness Diploma.





  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Calculus

  • Chemistry

  • Government

  • Physics

  • Spanish Language

  • World history



  • Communications 101/102

  • Education 203/214/250

  • English 101/102

  • History 101/102

  • Math 126/127

  • Psychology 101

* Courses subject to change each school year based on interest and availability



Student involvement around campus is one of the reasons why students and families love to attend SECTA.  We are the only CTA to offer sports.  In addition, we have several of the top CTSOs in Nevada and have a range of cultural and interest clubs for students to participate in.

  • SkillsUSA

  • HOSA

  • DECA


  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Bowling

  • Cheer

  • Cross Country

  • Flag Football







  • Golf

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • Swim/Dive

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball



  • Art Club

  • Asian Americans United Club

  • Black Student Union

  • Board Game Club

  • Creative Arts Journal

  • CrossFit

  • Gamers Club

  • Mariachi 

  • National Honor Society

  • Robotics

  • Speech & Debate

  • Student Council

  • Student Organization of Latinos

  • Theater Club


Parents of interested students must submit an application online by the designated application deadline (January 9, 2024 at 3pm). If there are more applications than there are seats available, a computerized random lottery will be used to select students. 


High school magnet programs are designated as either interest-based or STEM-based. All STEM-based programs require students to qualify for the program before entering the lottery for admission. SECTA’s programs are broken down below as either interest-based or STEM-based.

Interest-based Programs

Automotive Service Technology


Culinary Arts



Teaching & Training

STEM-based Programs

Advanced Manufactoring

Architectural Design


Digital Game Development

Medical Professions

Sports Medicine

First semester Grade Point Average (GPA)


Criteria                                    Points Assigned

3.50 and above                                  8

3.00 - 3.49                                            6

2.50 - 2.99                                            4

2.00 - 2.49                                            2

Below 1.99                                            0

First Semester Science Grade


Criteria                                    Points Assigned

A in Science 8                                     6

B in Science 8                                     4

C in Science 8                                     2

D/F in Science 8                                  0

First Semester Mathematics Grade


Criteria                                   Points Assigned

A in Pre-Algebra or above                6

B in Pre-Algebra or above                4

C in Pre-Algebra or above               2

D/F in Pre-Algebra or above            0

First Semester English Grade


Criteria                                   Points Assigned

A in English 8                                     6

B in English 8                                      4

C in English 8                                     2

D/F in English 8                                  0

Total Points:  26

Qualification for STEM programs:  16 or above

Report cards will be used from the student’s first semester of the 2023-2024 school year. No report cards are required if the student has applied to only interest-based programs. CCSD students do not need to submit a report card as report cards will be uploaded directly from Infinite Campus. (CCSD Sponsored Charter Schools need to upload a report card)


Any applicant who currently attends a charter (including CCSD Sponsored Charter Schools), private or other non-CCSD school must submit a copy of their 2023-2024 first trimester/semester report card by the application deadline, January 9, 2024 at 3 p.m. Applications for STEM programs that do not have a report card uploaded will not be qualified and not entered into the lottery. Qualification information was updated in August 2019 in the Magnet Office of CCSD. 


 **Please be aware of SECTA's transportation boundaries. Transportation WILL NOT be provided to students who live outside the transportation zone.

Applications are open to incoming 9th and 10th grade students.  Applications for students going into 11th or 12th grade are not accepted.  Students can apply to any major (up to 3 total). 

Mid-year enrollments or transfers from another CTA are not permitted.  If you are relocating due to a Military transfer, please contact Mr. Baca with any questions.

Students with a 504, IEP, or in Special Education, please contact Mr. Baca if you have any questions.  504, IEP, or Special Education does not affect the lottery; all seats are selected randomly through the CCSD Magnet Office.




Only students who live in our transportation

zone are eligible for a bus.  Check if you qualify

for bus transportation here:


Enter your address then in the drop down box, select “CTA”, then click find.  

  • “Southeast CTA” is listed: you either qualify for transportation or are within walking distance.

  • “Southeast CTA” is NOT listed: you are located outside of our transportation zone and will need to provide transportation to and from school each day if you accept a seat




You must upload a copy of your **1st Semester** report card of 8th grade year.  It must contain: 1st Quarter Grade, 2nd Quarter Grade, Semester Exam and Semester Grade.  If this is not done by the deadline, your student will not be qualified for STEM based programs.  You can start the application and submit before the report comes out, but you will have to upload it once you receive it by the deadline. Late report card uploads will not be accepted. 


If your student has a 504 or IEP, be sure to indicate on your application so we can obtain a copy if your student is selected. 


Only students who live in our transportation

zone are eligible for a bus.  Check if you qualify

for bus transportation here:


Enter your address then in the drop down box, select “CTA”, then click find.  

  • “Southeast CTA” is listed: you either qualify for transportation or are within walking distance.

  • “Southeast CTA” is NOT listed: you are located outside of our transportation zone and will need to provide transportation to and from school each day if you accept a seat.




Students are selected for enrollment at Southeast Tech through a computerized, random selection process (the “lottery”). Results of the lottery will be made available in the online application portal. 

Lottery outcomes:

  • Not qualified (Student did not qualify to go through the lottery process)

  • Selected (Student was selected and must now decide if he/she wishes to accept the seat)

  • Alternate pool (Student qualified and is now waiting for a vacancy as other students are going through the acceptance process and seats become available)


After selection, the applicant must accept the seat for which he/she has been selected. Any applicants not selected during this initial lottery are placed into an alternate pool. Should a student choose not to attend after being selected for a Magnet/CTA seat, the vacant seat will be assigned to a student in the alternate pool, through a computerized, random selection prior to the end of the second week of each school year.


For more information about the selection process and preferences given to applications, please visit



OFFICE HOURS       7AM- 1:00PM

Mr. Jared Baca 




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