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In 3D Animation for Film and Games, students create models for use in game levels and animated TV commercials.  Students produce short animated movies, game animations, web banners, logo animation, and other graphics with the same software used to create the great movie effects in “The Transformers” and the landscapes in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.  3D modeling and animation for the medical and scientific fields is one of the highest paying career options available.

*Students will double major as part of this program. Applicants must meet the basic criteria required for the Digital Game Development program in order to be entered into the lottery for admission.


In Architectural Drafting & Design, students learn basic engineering and architectural drawing using design software called AutoCAD. Students design model houses, buildings, and bridges according to assigned specifications.  Students may earn up to 12 college credits.



In Automotive Technology, students will develop skills needed to service, repair, and diagnose today’s vehicles at and AYES/NATEF approved school. Students are trained within the guidelines of the Automotive Youth Education System(AYES) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) programs. Students complete laboratory activities using advanced equipment to diagnose and service modern automotive systems.



Construction Technology students will learn the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue entry-level employment in the field of commercial construction. Through hands-on projects, each student will develop skills and knowledge in finish carpentry and cabinetmaking.  Students will develop technical skills that are used throughout the commercial construction industry, including labor issues, contract law, and entrepreneurship. Students will also learn blueprint reading, surveying, site development, flat concrete upright concrete work, rough carpentry, estimating material testing and finish carpentry.


The nursing assistant program at SECTA will prepare students for careers in the medical field. Understanding health and patient care are the primary areas of study in this exciting and worthwhile program!


Cosmetology gives students the opportunity to accrue the required 1600 hours for Nevada State Board of Cosmetology licensure which allows students a variety of career options.

Students master hair, skin, and nail services by working in a salon environment that is open for clients. Students also practice their skills on manikins and peers. The professional salon setting allows students to build their workplace readiness skills becoming career ready.


Education and Training is a new major on campus focusing on teaching the next generation of teachers! Students will learn a variety of educational skills including lesson planning, classroom management, and educational philosophy. Students will leave equipped with the knowledge and resources to complete their education towards teaching.  


Students will learn the principles of commercial photography, including:

  • Fundamental techniques and use of photographic equipment

  • Effective operation of cameras in manual mode

  • Techniques to control and modify natural and studio lighting

  • Posing techniques for individuals, couples and groups

  • Methods for creating a broad range of composition styles

  • Efficient digital workflow from image capture to print

  • Post production adjustments using digital software

  • Print processing and image presentation


Sports Medicine is designed for students interested in fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, fitness, physiology of exercise, kinesiology, nutrition, and other sports medicine related fields.

Students’ course of study includes an overview of the measures for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries. Students will study basic anatomy as it applies to athletic injuries, protective equipment, taping and bracing to protect the injured area, and different theories of evaluation and rehabilitation techniques as they apply to athletic injuries.

Problems such as nutrition, physical examination, wound care, environmental conditions, therapeutic modalities, first aid/CPR, and emergency procedures will be taught.  During the senior year students will have an opportunity to complete an internship at a site associated with their career choice.


In Graphic Design & Illustration, art skills are developed and combined with proficiency in computer applications to produce high impact graphics.  Students learn all segments of the design industry such as corporate publishing, advertising, and packaging.  Students explore cartooning and other illustration methods.

Students may earn up to 9 college credits




In  Information Technology Networking, students learn the necessary skills to repair, maintain, and support microcomputer systems.  Students learn troubleshooting procedures and utilize diagnostic tools. Upon successful completion of the program, students qualify to take the A+ and CISCO CCNA certification exams and may earn up to 15 college credits.


In Culinary Arts, students learn and effectively practice, safety and health standards, the proper use and maintenance of professional culinary equipment, food preparation, service, and nutrition.

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