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We have our first assembly on Friday, October 14th. Lunch will be based on your 7th period. Students with first lunch will go to period five, then lunch, then to period seven, then the assembly after period seven. Students with second lunch will go to period five, then period seven, then lunch, and then the assembly directly after lunch. Please view the assembly schedule on

Students with an open 5th and/or 7th are permitted to leave campus. However, once students leave they cannot return. If they need a place to wait in order to attend the assembly, they are welcome to wait in the Nest. (Students may not attend a lunch that they are not assigned to). All underclassmen are expected to attend. Any student who does not wish to attend the assembly may go to the commons to work during the assembly until the end of the school day. If students wish to go home, they must be checked out by a parent or guardian in the office before noon. No student checkout will take place after noon.

Remember to come with your school spirit and positivity. See you there. GO TECH


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